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Dry and Aging Skin

Soft supple skin has always been sought after by most women and some men. In this age of chemical-phobia, natural solutions are the call of the day which let to their being demanded and produced to soothe out dry and aging skins. Concoctions based on natural butters and oils are increasing filling up the shelves replacing those that are laced with chemical compounds.

Women used hand and body lotion to soften the skin. However, commercial creams are predominantly water, which actually promote dry skin. Their moisture is quickly absorbed into dry, wrinkled skin. As the water enters the skin, it expands the tissue, like filling a balloon with water, wrinkles fade away and skin feel smoother. But this is only temporary solution. As soon as the water evaporates or is carried away by bloodstream, the dry, wrinkled skin returns. Ordinary body care products cannot permanently cure dry, wrinkled skin.

For many years, Polynesian women have used Virgin Coconut Oil to make the skin soft & smooth. They were famed for their smooth beautiful skin, even though they were constantly exposed to the hot blistering sun and chafing ocean breezes every day. As a skin lotion, no other oil is comparable.

Virgin Coconut Oil have a pronounced effect on all the tissues of the body, especially the connective tissues. Connective tissue is the most abundant and widely distributed tissue in the body, which is found in the skin, the muscles, the bones, the nerves, and all the internal organs. Connective tissue consists of strong fibers that form the matrix, or supporting framework for all body tissues. In other words, it holds everything together. They give the skin tissue strength and elasticity.

With a natural consistency and texture, the Virgin Coconut Oil is the ultimate oil for choice for use in body creams and lotions. Produced without heat and chemical interventions, there is no presence of any denatured substances as in refined oils where high temperature or chemicals were used to remove unwanted substances.

How ItWorks!?
  • Due to its stability and resistance to oxidation, Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) in Virgin Coconut Oil has shown to anti-oxidative properties that are beneficial for the aging skin and help protect against drying and scaling. As a natural body lotion, coconut oil is easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin because of its smaller molecules.  The oil aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by keeping the connective tissue strong and supple.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is also an excellent natural exfoliant that can help shed ugly dead skin cells. When the skin is unable to exfoliate naturally, the skin begins to buildup dead cells. The skin becomes dull and in severe cases, flaky.  While coconut oil encourages the shedding of excess layers of dead cells revealing smooth skin and a youthful, healthy complexion.
  • One of the primary functions of the skin is to act as a physical barrier to disease causing germs. It is more than just a physical barrier but a chemical one as well. The biggest chemical barrier to infection organisms is the acid layer on the skin. Healthy skin has a PH of about 5, making it slightly acidic.

The body's natural oil, sebum, contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) similar to those in Virgin Coconut Oil. On the surface of the skin lives lipohilic bacteria.  These bacteria are important to our health. They consume the glycerol portion of the oil on our skin, leaving the fatty acids. In this process, they convert MCFAs in the sebum into potent anti-microbial that kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.  The thin protective layers of MCFAs are produced by these bacteria. However Every time when we bathe with soap and water, it is very likely that we will also washed away this skin's natural protective layer. Feeling fresher and cleaner but more vulnerable to infections because of the protective MCFAs acid layer has been removed. Applying a thin layer of Virgin Coconut Oil or derived products will quickly restore the skin's natural defenses against chemical and pathogenic ravages.

For full protection and healthy skin, the oil should be applied over the entire body from the soles of the feet to the top of the head.


  • 1-2 tablespoons are usually sufficient for the entire body.
  • Do not apply too much oil, the skin will absorb the oil to the point of saturation. Having too much oil will simply pool on the surface of the skin and just be wiped off on your clothes.
  • Gently massage the oil into the skin and allow to soak completely into the skin for 10 minutes.
  • If needed, you can reapply the oil after an hour or so.