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We are exposed to endless pollutants and toxins in the air we breathe every day. Air pollution is of major concern. Not only are we subjected to car exhaust and environmental pollution, chemicals used in carpets, paint, glue, insecticides are the most common indoor pollutants. Harmful chemicals and disease causing germs are revolving around us, 24/7. No matter what we do, we cannot prevent contact with all harmful substances nor can we stop all toxins entering into our bodies.

However, our bodies are capable of neutralizing and eradicate toxic substances to maintain good health. However when the accumulation of toxins become overwhelming, they can poison the body directly or interact with volatile lipids (like polyunsaturated fatty acids we ingested through the consumption of very liquid oils like soyabean oil) to form free radicals, causing degenerative diseases, premature aging, chronic diseases such as atheroschlerosis and all kinds of illnesses. Exposures to increasingly drug-resistant germs caused similar effects.

It is generally an accepted practice that now and then we will need to give our body periodical flushes to remove accumulated toxins. Consuming Virgin Coconut Oil is a good form of detoxification especially when it comes to expelling harmful microbes. A good detoxification program using virgin coconut oil can greatly improve overall health and help in alleviating symptoms of serious health problems. Most detoxification programs include drinking lots of fluid especially water, and tea  to flush the toxins out while eating light, high fiber food to help cleanse the intestines and reduce the load on your organs. Apart from the Virgin Coconut Oil, other supplements like psyllium husk, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and medicinal plants such as cilandro also assist with a detoxification program, from helping to nourish the body and boosting the immune system to chelating heavy metals. Sauna is highly recommended, because it helps the body sweat out toxins as they are released.

How ItWorks!?
  • One of the most remarkable characteristic of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil is their ability to kill germs and parasites. When we eat MCTs, they are transformed inside our bodies into monoglycerides and MCFAs, both of which possess powerful anti-microbial properties capable of destroying disease causing bacteria, virus, fungi, viruses and parasites.
  • It is essential that during detoxification, food types are maintained to their simplest form i.e. abstained from processed food or those that are high in sugar as sugar is food for most microbes. Having Virgin Coconut Oil instead help starved off microbes, allow for the MCTs to work more effectively and crucially maintaining adequate energy levels during the program. Reducing microbial loads helps the liver to be more concentrated on its effort to neutralizing chemical toxins.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil consists of 92 percent saturated fatty acids which is higher than any other dietary fat. This makes it extremely stable and a valuable anti-oxidant protecting against destructive free radicals that are generated by toxins.
  • In addition, MCFAs in Virgin Coconut Oil are used as a source of fuel to stimulate metabolism in the body. When the immune system is shifted to a higher level of efficiency, so does the body's natural mechanism of detoxification, repair and growth which promotes better health.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil neutralizes the harmful effects of many toxins or blocks the detrimental effects of many harmful chemicals including:
Ethanol Aflatoxin
Glutamic acid /MSG Dimethynitrosamine
Azoxymethane Methylmethanesulfonate
Benzpyrene Exotoxin / Endotoxin
Azaserine N-nitrosomethylurea
Dimethylbenzanthracene E.Coli

(Source: Dr Bruce Fife - Coconut Cures)

Virgin Coconut Oil, with its heavy content of MCFAs, transcend beyond being an excellent functional food to one that has natural abilities to help our body manages its defenses against harmful toxins and microbes.