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Cracked Heel

Feet are often abused & neglected, causing dryness around the rim of the heel. This is the sign of development of cracked heels. It is called callus and may appear in yellow or dark brown color.  At initial stage, it may appear with small cracks visible at the callus. If left untreated and as more pressure is placed on the heel, these cracks can become bigger and deeper and eventually walking or standing can be hurting. An exacerbated cracking condition may lead to bleeding and bacterial infections.

Injuries and infections of every kind respond very well to Virgin Coconut Oil therapy. It aids in speeding the healing process and prevent ugly scarring.  For better absorption, it is best to massage or work the oil into the cracked heels. For more severe conditions, lightly apply with a lint or cotton dipped in virgin coconut oil to the wound.

How ItWorks!?
  • The monoglycerides of the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are known as monolaurin, monocaprylin and monocaprin. All of these MCFAs and their monoglycerides exhibits anti-microbial activity. When Virgin Coconut Oil absorbed into deeper tissue layer, MCFAs starts destroy these organisms by disrupting their lipid membranes. The membranes literally splits open, spilling its inside and killing the organisms, simultaneously heals and repairs the damaged tissue.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil functions as a protective anti-oxidant and with its smaller molecular of fatty acids, it allows deep penetration into the underlying tissues of the skin to prevent & protect against the formation of free radicals that result in formation of infection. For best results, the secret with Virgin Coconut Oil is to continually apply on the injured and infected spots until healed.

Besides healing, the feet are endowed with extra softness, locking the moisture from inside out!