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Baby & Mummy

Of all nature's food, nothing comes closer than mother's breast milk.

Milk was designed to supply all the nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins & fats a baby need for growth and development. Babies who are breast-fed not only obtained important nutrients from the milk but also received antibodies to build stronger immunity system to fight-off infectious diseases.

The main component in breast milk that helped babies stay strong and free from diseases is the Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), especially Lauric Acid. Outside mother's breast milk, Lauric Acid is the primary saturated fatty acids found in Virgin Coconut Oil. The MCFAs in both breast milk and coconut oil improves nutrient absorption, aid digestive function, and protect baby from harmful microorganisms.

Without question, breast milk is the best choice of food for babies. Preparation by mother should start before the baby is born as not all breast milk has the same superiority. The quality of milk is determined by the mother's health and food diet. Is she doesn't eat the right amount of nutrients; the milk she produces will also be deficient. It is advisable for pregnant mother to consume Virgin Coconut Oil as part their diet which has ample amounts of MCFAs, particularly lauric acid, so that her milk will, in return provide maximum benefits to her baby.

How ItWorks!?
  • Virgin Coconut Oil contains mostly medium chain fatty acid type fats when digested, are converted into free fatty acids and a monoglyceride (1 fatty acid bonded with 1 glycerol) which are known to have very potent antimicrobial properties which also aids in building a strong immunity system. An especially potent form of the monoglyceride is the mono-laurin which denotes a lipid form where 1 unit of lauric fatty acid is bonded with 1 unit of glycerol.
  • The typical level of these antimicrobial fatty acids can be as low as 3-4 percent, but when nursing mother eats coconut products (i.e. coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water, or shredded coconut), the level of MCFAs in their milk increase significantly. For e.g. eating 40 grams (= 3 tablespoons a day) of coconut oil can increase the lauric acid in the milk of a nursing mother from 3.9% to 9.6% after 14 hours.

Vital nutrients and protectors found naturally in human milk or coconut oil, allow babies & mothers to have stronger immunity and overall good health. Elevating the levels of MCTs in breast milk through the consumption of the Virgin Coconut Oil regularly can help nursing mothers pass on important benefits to their babies.