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Brown Marks (Due to Bacterial Skin Infections)

I was having serious skin bacterial infections past 6 months ago and recovered thereafter. Devastatingly, the mark was apparent on my right leg with a huge marks on it. Attempting to reduce the brown marks, I have tried all type of brands in pharmacies but none seems workable. I was introduced by a friend then, a product made of Virgin Coconut Oil and it’s 100% natural ingredients.

The body cream was intense and I can feel the richness of Virgin Coconut Oil as compared to other creams on shelf which is simply mild. Tested for 1 week and brown marks seems to show improvement and the following 3rd weeks, I could see remarkable reduction of brown spots and now it is slowly diminishing.

I am greatly thankful to Cocorosco, even any brown marks on my skin is diminishing and on top of that it gives a brightening effect on my skin. I simply love this product and has been using this brand since then. Even my daughter of 4 years old is using it.

Lye Lin, Malaysia