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Bacterial Skin Infections

My bacterial skin infections started during my post pregnancy. Initially started as a small problem which I felt itchy. And I started to scratch and it grew bigger and bigger, seems like the bacterial infection is spreading fast. From small problems and begins to turn into bigger problems than I have thought. It looks like as though am having eczema which probably could turn into it if I do not take prevention.

I was introduced by one of my colleague to use Virgin Coconut Oil body cream, which has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to kill off the bacteria.

I was told to use twice a day after shower and to focal on the skin infections problem. I can see the results even after week 1, it aids to kill of the root of my problem by drying up and reduced the itch. Now my skin is back to normal condition after the fourth week.

My whole family is using it now and anyone with skin bacterial infections, Cocorosco is definitely the product that you should try!

Lina, Malaysia