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Our Factory


The main production facility is currently house under a 60,000 square feet factory in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. It is fully equipped with proprietary processing technology, programmable logic control together with an automated packing line in enclosed environment.

The present capacity of 3,000MT is a very respectable number in the context of the Virgin Coconut Oil business. It’s certainly a far cry from when it was first started with just 300MT in a 5,000 square feet pre-commercialization facility.

The facility is designed with the belief that our customer and consumer deserve the best quality and highest level of assurance that come with our products.

"Attention to details" is applied to every single process and step. And hence it is only fitting that the facility has been certified and in compliance with the most stringent international quality standards, i.e. GMP, HACCP & HALAL.