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Severe Knee Bruises Due To Accident

I met with serious accident with bruises on my knees and arms. I was recommend by a friend who told me about the goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil that has strong phytonutrients properties

They recommended me to ItWorks! Virgin Coconut Oil and one of the staff explained the usage of the product. Since it was severe, the first 2 weeks, I have to apply the liquid Virgin Coconut Oil to dry and kill off the bacteria. Upon drying up, I start to apply the Virgin Coconut Oil body cream and amazingly after 4 weeks my skin is now back to normal condition and of course with the mark bruises would probably take some time to go off.

I have been a loyal user of this brand until today and simply love the richness of Virgin Coconut Oil. Not only that, I have been drinking VCO that helps to boost my immunity system.

Nor, Malaysia